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I noticed my brother’s HD mini camcorder last Christmas. It made me felt buying one also for myself. It’s a good thing that he recommended for me the AGFA ECLIPSE EXPLORER.

It’s a full HD pocket camcorder with a 5 megapixel camera lens (F2.8/f=5.5mm) . The video quality is superb! However, I couldn’t say the same for the pictures (see below) but they do look good (has no flash capabilities). It is also possible to take pictures while recording a video. O_o

Other features: Dust proof, Shock proof (1.5m/5ft), Water proof (5m/16ft) and it can be plugged in to a laptop or TV with HDMI support.

Ideal for outdoor recording!


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 We were able to see the Holy Week procession/ celebration in Pampanga enroute to La Union.

A stop over at Luisita, led us to view a carriage driven by a goat.  (P20-P40 round trip along Luisita Mall)

~ fiesta halo-halo ~ Halo Halo de Iloko

~ Emperedados ~ Halo Halo de Iloko

We stayed at Tita Jen’s Ocean Edge for the last time. They closed on 1st of May.

It was fun and relaxing!

 shrimps, chicken, bangus bought at the local wet market. Yummy!

The Promiseful Farm / Muchas Gracias Restaurant is located at Bacnotan, La Union

The atmosphere at San Juan’s night life was relaxed (compared to last year) and it was a reunion of sorts on tita Jen’s resort.  4.22-24.11

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