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Upon hearing news of Bon Chon’s entry into the Philippines early this year, and with all the good reviews, I was looking forward to stop by at one of their branches.

Photo courtesy of Bon Chon Philippines (Facebook page)

 Here are some facts about Bon Chon:

(1) Bonchon Chicken is a South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant. (2) Korean fried chicken (or seasoned chicken) is a fried dish prepared by removing fat from the skin, seasoned with spices after being fried. Famous for being called “double fried chicken”. (3) It opened stores first in New York, United States before here in Manila, Philippines. (4) The chicken can be served as hot & spicy or based in soy garlic.

 We had a chance of having dinner earlier at Bon Chon Megamall and ordered the following:

The Caesar salad was fresh, crispy and tasty. The dressing compliments the salad well. However, it should be served in a bowl or plate instead of a plastic container which is ideal for take outs.

The (soy garlic based) 6-pc chicken wings was tasty on the outside. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same with the inside. Except for the coating, it was plain and normal and needed. A dip of spicy mayo only made it interesting.

I noticed that the Megamall branch is small. The tables and seats are set-up in a way that they are too close to each other. Instead of enjoying the meal, I was conscious of not making too much movement that may disturb the other customers in another table. I also noticed that customers stop eating abruptly from time to time because the tables easily move with the slightest nudge. I hope that Bon Chon Megamall can expand or gets a bigger space.

2 mineral water (P60.00)

1 Caesar Salad (P125.00)

3 Plain rice (P45.00)

2 Spicy Mayo (P20.00)

6-pc chicken wings – soy garlic (P185.00)

Total (P525.00 for 2 pax)

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