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At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” – Unknown


we headed to the beach to enjoy the morning











Breakfast at the Pavillon



















It was time for us to leave Dakak (1000H)

we shall return! O_o










Selinog or Aliguay island?


Day 4 -End-


Mineral Water Php30.00
MISC/TIPS Php90.00
COKE Php6.00
PORTER Php100.00
CHECK IN Php172.00
SHUTTLE Php20.00
LUNCH Php120.00
TAXI Php250.00
TOTAL Php1,044.00



DAY 1 Php901.00
DAY 2 Php1,541.50
DAY 3 Php2,224.00
DAY 4 Php1,044.00
TOTAL Php5,710.50

+air fare                       Php172.50

TOTAL                   Php5,883.00




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“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen




Dakak Park and Beach Resort is located in Brgy. Taguilon, Dapitan City, 30 minutes away from Talisay which Rizal stayed during his exile.

We were picked up (Dakak’s van service) around 1300H-1330H and it took an hour ride to reach Dakak. We check-in (Barkadahan Package) around 1445H (The receptionist was very pleasant and accommodating).

The rooms were elegant, simple and neat (well maintained). The bathroom was also huge! It was worth the price!


we headed to the beach and enjoyed the rest of the day O_o


We had our dinner at the Pavillion (Buffet – P395.00) around 1900H. A cultural show started around 1930H and ended at 2100H.

Part of the Barkadahan Package are free tickets to Gloria De Dapitan (entrance and 1 free pass for each ride). This was used after dinner and a free van service was provided to and from Dakak.

Day 3 -End-


Dakak Park Beach Resort
Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte
(0919) 7959416 / (0915) 3185238 / (065) 2136813

-For Manila Office-

Landline: (02) 7211461/7247375, Mobile: (0905) 2712556




TRIKE Php7.00
BUS Php15.00
TRIKE Php7.00
sardines – 7×30 Php210.00
sardines – 3×60 Php180.00
bagoong – 2×57 Php114.00
bagoong  1×59 Php59.00
T shirt Php199.00
DINNER Php395.00
Mineral Water Php43.00
ROOM Php886.00
TOTAL Php2,224.00

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Dipolog is said to be the “Gateway to Western Mindanao” and the “Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines”.  Our trip won’t be complete if we did not visit Montaño and Zaragosa.

From Monina, we took a trike (P7) to the bus stop. From there, we took a mini-bus (Evergood Transport – P15) to Dipolog. A trip to Linabo Peak was scratched because the rain was sporadic

Breakfast at Jollibee Dipolog (Nahum’s meal)


We visited the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral after breakfast.

After our visit at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, we hailed a trike (P7) to take us to Montaño and another trike (P10) to Zaragoza.

Spanish Sardines in corn oil – P62.00

Spanish Sardines in Tomato sauce – P67.00




We returned to Dapitan around 1030H and ate our lunch at Kamayan ni Manay near Monina. After lunch, we head back to our accommodation to prepare for… DAKAK! O_o


Day 3 -To be continued-

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We had breakfast at Monina around 0600H while waiting for Jade. He was generous enough to pick us up and returned as after.

Jade (09122278333) arrived past 0700H and the ride took an hour to reach Sicayab port.

Sunset Boulevard

Sicayab port

local delicacy


we boarded around 0830H

Aliguay Island

We arrived around 0930H-0945H

preparation for snorkeling

snorkeling at Aliguay Island

we took are lunch after snorkling

After lunch, we were able to roam around the island using a golf cart.

pasalubong! O_o

We left the island around 1500H and returned to Sicayab port in no time.  Before we returned to our accomodation, we were able to purchase dried salted fish (Tuyo).

Kan Anan

We took our dinner at Kan-anan restaurant were the prices of meals are “pang masa” A barbeque costs only P12.00 each.

After dinner everybody head home,  I head out again and look for a store to purchase old newspapers and boxes for the Tuyo we bought.

I asked the manong trike driver and he brought me to Vallecer supermarket, where I purchased all the things I need.

I returned to Monina and packed the Tuyo.

Still not sleepy, a few drinks again outside helped me put to sleep (there are a lot of places to drink along Sunset Blvd.)

Day 2 -End-


VAN Php72.00
BOAT Php100.00
LUNCH Php85.00
GOLF CART Php12.50
DINNER (12+12+24) Php48.00
NIGHT CAP Php150.00
TUYO Php100.00
BOX (5+5+51+40) Php101.00
TRIKE Php7.00
TRIKE Php8.00
ROOM Php258.00
TOTAL Php1,541.50



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Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s seat sale (October 2010), I was able to book 7 persons for less than P200 per pax, destination – Dipolog!

Some of you might be thinking now, where is this place and what can we see in Dipolog? With a little research, we found out that Dipolog is a gateway to Dapitan and Dakak!

We were scheduled to meet up at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight which was 1040H. After check-in, It was announce that our flight will be delayed (It was moved to 1330H).

Cebu Pacific provided us lunch to compensate the wait. O_o

We arrived around 1430-1500. Beforehand, I arranged with Monina Pension House (maribel – 09196144295) to pick us up using their van (for only P500/group).

Rizaliana Building

This building was constructed in 1972 and  houses Rizal’s relics. It is also the office of the Rizal Park Curator.

After arriving @ Monina, we proceeded to Rizal’s residence located at the shores of Talisay (which he stayed for 4 years).  We hired a trike (P7 per pax) to bring us there. A local guide gave us a tour (Rizal in Dapitan 101). She was very hospitable and friendly.

Casa Redonda

Rizal Park Ancient Tree

replica of Rizal’s main house

After the tour,  we arrived at Inato Lang Restaurant Dapitan Aquamarine Park around 1630H (we learnt from our service earlier that we can charter a boat that will take us to Aliguay Island in Dampa). The employee introduced as to Jade. We were able to negotiate a service going to Aliguay Island. Jade by the way works with Gloria De Dapitan.

we decided to have our dinner at Inato Lang Restaurant Dapitan Aquamarine Park as well.

The food was very delicious, ***** stars!

After  dinner, we head back to Monina to momentarily rest.

We ended the night by having a few drinks in one of the local bars at Gloria De Dapitan

Day 1 -End-


TRIKE Php6.00
BUS Php19.00
BUS Php9.00
SHUTTLE Php20.00
VAN (500/7) Php72.00
TRIKE Php7.00
TRIKE Php7.00
TRIKE Php7.00
DINNER Php151.00
LUNCH Php95.00
MISC (FOOD) Php150.00
ROOM Php258.00
BEER Php100.00
TOTAL Php901.00


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White Water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro

*There are lots of whitewater rafting outfitters you can choose from and we went with KAGAY. Rafting course packages must be at least 6 persons in a group. Luckily, our contact arranged the trip for us and we were able to join another group of 2. And the rafting pushed through eventhough we were not able to complete the minimum requirement per group. A raft can sit a maximum of 10 people with two guides. If you can’t find a group, you can pay the remaining spots.

We met our guide in Jollibee, Divisoria at 7am, wearing our rafting attire (shirt with armguard and shorts). We chose the Advance Course (P1000 / head) which will last for 4 hours and has 24 rapids. We also paid P300/CD for pictures.


To Dahilayan Adventure Park at Bukidnon

*From the hotel, walk toward the highway and hailed a jeep (P8.00) going to Gusa Terminal. A van going to Camp Philips costs P50.00

*From Camp Philips, There are 2 ways to reach the park. A Multicab will cost P1,500.00 or a habal-habal ride for P200.oo per person (roundtrip).

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