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We were drop off at the Public Market of Vigan (as we requested), then we walked directly to Partas Bus Terminal. While waiting for the bus to arrive from Manila, we purchased a  few packs of cornick (P34 per pack), a box of pudding (P65) and royal bibingka (P145).

Marsha’s Delicacies

Main Branch: Nat’l Highway Cabalanggan, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, fax – (077) 722-8119

Outlets: Galleria de Vigan, Florentino St., Vigan City, landline – (077) 722-2548; Partas Terminal, Vigan City, landline – (077) 722-6880; Ground Floor, Magic Mall, Urdaneta City.

The trip to Batac, Ilocos Norte took an hour and a half. After dropping off at the intersection of Batac, you may take either a jeep (P10 per person) or a trike (P50 per ride) and drop off at Paoay Church. The last time I was here was more than 13 years ago. Way back in college. O_o

We first ate lunch at Herencia Cafe (fronting Paoay Church). To view my post about our lunch, click here.

After lunch, we took a few pictures O_o

Also known as “San Agustin Church of Paoay “, it was initially constructed in 1694 and completed around early 1700’s. It is also one (1) of four Spanish-era churches in the Philippines (Baroque Churches of the Philippines), in-scripted to the UNESCO World Heritage List n 1993.

Its thick walls were built of coral stones and bricks and sealed by hard lime mortar, which according to historians, was made by “mixing sand and lime with molasses boiled with mango leaves, leather and rice straw for two nights. (source: http://pasyalan.net/ilocos_norte/paoay/paoaychurch.php)

We hired again a trike to drop us off to the nearest market/bus trips going to Laoag. After a 10- minute ride, we were drop off again to a trike terminal that make trips to Laoag International Airport. CebuPac was on time this time! O_o

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