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I was searching for sometime now for a good remote to a Canon 1000D.  One (1) drawback with this is it can’t be use by a wireless IR remote like most DSLR’s. With the help of a friend and a few searches in the net, I found the Phottix Cleon II.

It consists of a small remote control (transmitter), receiver and an optional cable suited and depending on the model of camera. The C6 cable is for the 1000d. When used wireless, the transmitter and receiver can be pared by any one of 16,000,000 channels (Smart Code) within the working distance of 100 meters (320ft). The PHOTTIX® CLEON II supports the following functions: single shot mode, 2 seconds delay, continuous, as well as bulb mode for long exposures.

I noticed also half-pressing the remote/transmitter will let the lens focus onto the object you are pointing at!

Here below are my sample shots and imagine also how far it took to take some photographs:

I was able to purchase a unit at  Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply at Hidalgo. It is the official distributor of Phottix here in the Philippines




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