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Is it possible to have summer weather in July? The answer is yes!

Concepcion is located in the northern part of Iloilo between the municipalities of Sara and Ajuy.

To reach Bolobadiangan, Concepcion, either rent a van from the airport (P1800-P2500) or take the bus. Go to the Boracay/North Panay Bus Terminal in Tagbak, Jaro (known as Tagbak terminal). HPQ Trans is the only bus routing Concepcion (P120 one-way ride – currently for 2011). The trip will take 2-3 hrs.

Sandbar Island Beach Resort is 30 minutes away from the mainland. I contacted and arrange with kuya sanny (09068197516) for the whole trip (round trip boat service, accommodation, island hopping). You can borrow cookware and utensils from the resort. They also offer to cook for your group for a minimal fee.


Tip: Sandbar Island doesn’t offer the conveniences found in other modern resorts. Energy are gathered thru solar panels and stored in batteries. This is used for lighting in cottages. Buy all the necessary provisions before going to the resort.  Fresh fish can be bought from the mainland or from neighboring islands. Sometimes, fishermen will drop by early in the morning, offering you to buy their prized catch.


After lunch, we hop to kuya sanny’s boat and proceed with the island hopping O_o

Agho Island – entrance is P200 per group

Pan de azucar island

giant clam conservatory site at the sandbar island beach resort.

On day 2, we enjoyed and relaxed on the natural and unadulterated waters of concepcion

It was time for us to leave, and we hope that we come back some day…


Tip: Upon return to Tagbak terminal, you may proceed to SM Iloilo (take a “Leganes” jeep P10 fare). SM City Iloilo has its own Traveler’s Lounge with a wide variety of services: bus, ferry, airline and hotel booking services, baggage deposit (P30 per compartment). It has also a CR and showers for travelers as well.


@ Iloilo airport prior to departure for manila O_o

-The end-


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