IMG_2015Craving for Japanese food? If you happen to be along Shaw Boulevard area at Ortigas, There is a place worth dropping by at the Hub, Greenfield District named “ramen bar”.

IMG_2039ramen bar serves authentic Japanese cuisine that is not only satisfying but also gratifying. Well worth the visit ~ such a delight!

IMG_2016ramen bar’s house tea while we wait …

IMG_2021Red Iced Tea

IMG_2019For appetizers, we originally ordered the Gyoza (P150). They suggested an upgrade by adding cheese (plus P30). D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

IMG_2023I ordered the ‘Chicken Namban Rice Bowl’. The protein was soft & bone free, yummy!

IMG_2024My wife ordered the ‘Yakiniku Beef RiceTopping’

IMG_2027‘Mushroom Gyudon’ – P220

IMG_2026Classic Gyudon – P195

IMG_2028For our ‘Ramen craving’, we ordered their best seller R.B.S #1 (P380) – Soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori negi, chasyu and kakuni. The bowl was big and can be shared between 2-3 persons.

IMG_2037For dessert, we had their ‘Tempura Ice Cream” (P150). So good!

IMG_2048Iced Vanilla Yuzu Latte (P130)

IMG_2047Iced Choco Almond Latte (P130)

IMG_2050Vanilla Yuzu Latte (P120)

1724859_517409341690760_614966128_n50% off for hot and cold coffee for the month of February 2014 from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.



Overall, the food was great, money well spent and we loved the place! We will surely be back for more.

To check out their Facebook click here.

If the link does not work, copy and paste the following to your browser:  https://www.facebook.com/RamenBarTheHubGreenfieldDistrict

Ramen Bar is specifically located at Unit 14, the Hub, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

All rates mentioned above are as of today, February 9, 2014 and are subject to changes in the future.

Barracks & Batteries



After lunch at La Playa, we made a quick stop at Lorcha Dock. This is where Gen. Douglas McArthur exited from Malinta Tunnel to Mindanao via PT boat. It was a 3-hour trip. Then, he boarded a plane to Australia.


The Middle – side Barracks, are two to three-story buildings housed the 60th Coast Artillery Regiment and the 91st Philippine Scout Coast Artillery Regiment.

IMG_1092Battery Way


Battery Hearn

23 batteries was installed in the island (consists of 56 coastal guns and mortars) plus 13 anti-aircraft artillery batteries with 76 guns (28 3-inch and 48 .50-caliber) and 10 60-inch Sperry searchlights. Battery Hearn has a horizontal range of 29,000 yards (27,000 m).

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After 3 stops, we were so hungry! The package includes a lunch buffet at Corregidor Inn’s La Playa Restaurant. This is also where we stayed for the night.



IMG_1022Upon arrival, you’ll pass by the bar were a single serving of iced tea will be provided by the server. The food was not bad nor impressive. Just enough to load up for the next phase of our tour.




 We had our dinner also at La Playa Restaurant since this is one of only two restaurants (that I know of) in Corregidor. The other is McArthur Cafe nearby. We had Chicken Pork Adobo and BBQ spareribs. My taste buds wasn’t impressed and I felt it was overpriced.


Free use of the swimming pool



IMG_1209The room is well air-conditioned, cozy and clean. It also has a hot and cold shower, Thumbs up! If you are looking for a TV, it can be found in the dining area of the inn. Hot water and ice can be found just beside the 1st floor stairs. For your safety and security, The door of the inn is closed at 2200H and re-opened at the morning.

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Malinta Tunnel


 Our 3rd stop was the infamous Malina Tunnel. Its construction was between 1922 to 1932 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Malinta Tunnel derives its name from Malinta Hill, a 390 feet rise through which its shaft is bored. Malinta is Filipino for “full of leeches”, linta is filipino for “leech”.


The main tunnel is 836 feet long and 24 feet wide with 13 lateral tunnels on the north side and 11 lateral tunnels on the south side. Each lateral averaged 160 feet long and 15 feet wide. Before WWII, electric trains pass along the tunnel.

It was initially constructed as a bomb proof storage and bunker, but during WWII, it was re-equipped as a 1,000-bed hospital, quartermaster area, gasoline storage, quarters to Pres. Quezon (2nd term as President of the Commonwealth before he exiled to the US). Then, headquarters to Gen. MacArthur and Lt. Gen. Wainwright.

IMG_0984It was considered the safest place in the island during WWII and it served as a temporary home to an estimated 8,000 American and Filipino soldiers for about 5 months (most of the time without lights). 124 nurses served the 1,000-bed hospital and It has been said that the blood dried up almost 1 inch thick, after surrendering to the Japanese forces last 6th of May 1942.

IMG_1014During the retaking of Corregidor between the 23rd of January 1945 to the 26th of February 1945, The Japanese forces fought hard to hold off the American – Filipino forces. Notably,  the Japanese trapped inside Malinta hill blown themselves up.  In compliance with the philosophy of Bushido, the remaining Japanese soldiers hiding in caves and tunnels, preferred to commit suicide rather than surrender.

In Malinta Hill, American units fend off successive banzai charges, mortar attacks, and even squads with explosives strapped to their bodies, killing over 300 Japanese.

Large quantities of gasoline was poured through the air shafts and set to fire.





Today, Malinta Hill is the venue of an audio-visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana of events during WWII. It also includes the evacuation of Pres. Quezon and General MacArthur to Mindanao then to Australia.

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IMG_0947Our second stop was the Japanese Memorial Garden. It was built as a memorial to the Japanese soldiers who served and died in Corregidor during WWII.

IMG_0956The photo above reads…

“An unknown G.I. stands in front of the Japanese Military Cemetery which was established by the American 3045th Quartermaster Graves Company. As the Japanese Customarily cremated their dead, this was the only Japanese Military cemetery in the entire Pacific during WWII. Over the following 40 years, jungle growth covered the entire area. Un February 1985, Bataan veteran, Zoeth Skinner, rediscovered the site.”

“This photograph which he found in a garage sale in Portland, Oregon guided him. It shows Caballo Island very clearly in the background.”

“In 1986, with the permission of the Philippine Government, the remains were exhumed and returned to Japan, the area is now the site of he Japanese Memorial Garden”




IMG_0937Please tourists… DO NOT USE THIS AS A TRIPOD!!!

IMG_0940batteries, markers, shrines and a small pavilion can be seen in the garden.


IMG_0951Other memorabilia can also be seen here…

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Filipino Heroes Memorial



The tour started with our visit to memorial parks of Pres. Sergio Osmeña, Sr.  and Pres. Manuel L. Quezon. These mini-parks have bronze statues in honor of our 1st and 2nd Presidents’ of the Philippine Commonwealth.




Accompanying them is also a stone statue of a “Filipina”, in honor of her major role during the Japanese Invasion.



Just beside them you can see the site of the Filipino Heroes Memorial depicting the heroism of Filipinos from past to the early 90’s. It was inaugurated by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos on the 28th of August 1992.

Under Spanish rule, Corregidor served as a fortified defense and an entry point (customs). The island also has its own lighthouse to warn Manila of imminent treat from enemy ships.

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We took full advantage of Sun Cruises’ RAIN OR SHINE promo for P1,999.00 +P200.00 (fuel surcharge) for 2 persons last August 3-4, 2013. The promo includes a day tour, a lunch buffet, an overnight stay and a zip line ride. Not bad right? To book the promo you need to call them first and reserve a date. Payment must be made through their BDO account.


IMG_0893We arrived at 0700H and there were already a long line of people to the booking office. Everyone must pre-book first before taking the ferry. We left around 0815H and arrived an hour and a half after. If you have dizziness issues due to boat travel, do not forget to take Bonamine at least an hour before the trip and bring along crackers or menthol candies.



We proceeded to our designated “Tranvia”. The 30+ seater cable car was our main mode of transportation during our guided tour and before we left Corregidor. The tram was a replica used during the early 1940’s and similar to the cable cars used in San Francisco, California (with a couple of alterations and modifications).

Corregidor Island (also know as “Fort Mills”) is a tadpole shaped island located at the entrance and southernmost part of Manila Bay. It is under the jurisdiction of Cavite City, province of Cavite.

During the time of American colonization, much have improved. An electric railroad track was made, a movie house (Cine Corregidor), tennis courts, a baseball field and a swimming pool was established. Barracks was built and more batteries were installed around the Island (most known are Battery Hearn, Smith, Way and Geary).

After the fall of Bataan (9 April 1942), Japanese forces blocked Corregidor from receiving any rations and supply of drinking water. They also bombed the Island repeatedly and forced the surrender of the last remaining Filipino-American forces under the command of  Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright last 6 May 1942.

3 years have passed, Led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, American forces liberated Corregidor

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IMG_0647After 2 years, I returned to the beach that has a good spot in my heart – Nagsasa Cove.


My first visit here last October 2009 (actually) was not through a boat trip, but, it took a 6-7 hour climb, worth the trek! There were fewer locals then, clear, untouched and no resorts in sight!

IMG_0451Pundaquit Beach (Jump off)

IMG_0464 IMG_0456Camara Island

IMG_0510 IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0528 IMG_0532 IMG_0481 IMG_0487 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0498 IMG_0500

Capones Island

IMG_0541I had mixed feelings going back. Has Nagsasa got crowded, since it became a popular destination a few years ago? The answer is YES. Many came and open up resorts, built fences side by side. The cove almost lost its unspoiled nature.

IMG_0591 IMG_0554 IMG_0564 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0573 IMG_0576 IMG_0577

(Almost) One spot did not drastically change… Mang Ador’s place. He owns (or caretakes?) a 1-2 kilometer beach front located on the left side of the cove; Stay here for a quiet scenery, rather than the crowded resorts on the opposite side. No fences, only cottages and huts. Mang Ador also has a mini store, if you missed out at San Antonio’s public market.

 I was amazed that Nagsasa cove is clean and jellyfish free. Fishes roam around freely, unlike our last visit here, the water was polluted with a few trash, seaweed and jellyfish.



IMG_0678Nagsasa Cove is still the best summer destination near Manila O_o

DAY 1 DAY 12Itinerary to maximize your overnight stay


To download my itinerary and summary of expenses, click here —> NAGSASA

*No need to bring any grocery/fresh foods. Everything is available at the public market (opens around 3:30 to 4:00 AM).

*Drinking water (PHP50 per 5 gal) can be bought and/or cooking utensils may be borrowed at your bangkero/contact

*Your local bangkero can assist you in buying ice for water/soft drinks. I can suggest Roel (09166490847) or Jay-R (09173809104) as your bangkero.

~The End~

IMG_0014On our 4th day, we decided to visit Nacpan beach. We ask around and we were able to get the services of Charlie (real name? hehe) . I suggest directly negotiating with tricycle drivers around El Nido instead of tour operators.

Tricycle rental is just P1,000 but each tricycle can carry up to 4 passengers for only P1500. For larger group, you can rent a Van at a standard rate of 2,500 pesos for your almost whole day tour.

The trip took an hour. We enjoyed viewing the countryside!



Charlie also cooked our lunch for us!












We stayed there for a couple of hours and went back to the town proper before 5pm. Very nice beach!!!







IMG_0189We ate our dinner at Alternative Inn! The food was great!

Day 3 to Manila
Telesfora (accomodation) Php1,500.00
Lunch (good for 3) Php300.00
Tricycle to Nacpan (v.v) Php1,200.00
Telesfora to town proper (v.v) Php60.00
Meryenda Php140.00
Dinner at Alternative Inn Php1,000.00
Telesfora to Fortwally Php30.00
Van Php600.00
Lunch Php200.00
Dinner Php200.00
Jeep to Airport Road Php16.00
Airport road to Las Pinas Php40.00
Trike Php18.00
Total Php5,304.00

Our 1st day (Tour A) includes the following:



IMG_9712Big Lagoon





IMG_9766  IMG_9767 IMG_9768 IMG_9769 IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9774 IMG_9775

Shimizu Island (lunch included)

IMG_9829 IMG_9794 IMG_9798 IMG_9799



IMG_9822Secret Lagoon



IMG_9876Small Lagoon





IMG_9888and Seven Commando Beach

Telesfora (accomodation) Php1,500.00
Telesfora to Fortwally (v.v) Php60.00
Tour A Php700.00
DINNER (Day 2) Php150.00
Total Php2,410.00
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